On the transition from busy graduate student to DIY mom

Primary impetus for this blog: Rafal (my partner) does not want me to post pictures of the baby on Facebook. Without getting into all the reasons why, or my counter-reasons, or the myriad exchanges we’ve pleasantly shared, I will just say this: I lost. So I need to fulfill my desire to share pictures of my beloved babe another way.

In addition, I’m pretty bored. Over the course of the past month, I have transitioned from the hectic life of a bakery worker/college instructor/dissertating graduate student to that of a loafing pregnant woman. And I am running out of craft projects and meals to cook.

Although I’m sure things will get a whole lot busier once this babe emerges, and although I will be teaching a couple of 8-week courses in the Spring, the tentative plan is to spend the upcoming May through November (maybe longer) living in a National Park and being a stay at home mom. I’m going to need a creative outlet.

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