Baby’s First Hike

During my pregnancy, I walked a lot. During the early months, I would switch between walking the 2.2 mile paved path around campus lake, hiking the 2 mile very steep but very beautiful trillium trail in Giant City State Park, or really going for it with the 4 mile scenic journey that is called Little Grand Canyon. Once I got my morning sickness a little bit under control, I started doing these hikes about three times a week.*

During the third trimester, things got a little trickier. That is when I discovered a walking trail called Green Earth: Chautauqua Bottoms, which was right on my way to school. This easy, 1 mile loop was just what the doctor ordered, and I began walking this path almost every day (weather permitting).

On Tuesday, we took advantage of some warm sunny weather and brought Lydia on her very first hike (outside of Mama’s body).

IMG_1395Hiking while pregnant was one of the best parts of the job. On these walks, I felt most connected to the mysterious little person growing inside me. I’m so happy to be able to walk the same paths where I daydreamed about meeting her, with this delightful baby strapped to my chest.

*note: Although I’m sure these walks kept me and my baby healthy, they did not prevent me from gaining 70 lbs.

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