From Blogger to Freelancer

It’s been a while, my friends.

It has been two months, almost to the day, since I posted anything here. And if you’ve tried to revisit something old, maybe you noticed that the blog was set to private for a bit.

For the past couple of months I have been trying to wear my big girl pants and call myself a Freelance Writer. I pillaged some of my better pieces from this blog, reworked them a bit, and sent them out. I also kept my little fingers on the keys, but everything I wrote went out for submission straight away.

I have to say, I’ve had some luck. I got a job generating content for a Top 200 website, and while I’m not always writing things that fuel my soul, this company is my bread & butter. I’ve also really clicked with the folks over at elephant journal, and they have published three of my pieces (one, two, and three), with a fourth one dropping any day now. I also had a little bit of luck with xoJane. Beyond that, I’ve gotten a handful of rejections, and whole lot of silence from the slew of other venues I have tried to entice. It’s all good. Rejection and silence are part of the game.

But recently, I started to really miss the blog.

I missed the continuity of it, the feeling that readers have been on this journey with me, the sense that I can speak to my acute experience without starting from square one. I missed the immediacy. The intimacy. The personal touch. I missed just writing into the air without tailoring to a specific venue, a specific audience, a certain slant. I missed not needing to introduce myself.

In short, I missed you.

People in the most surprising places have stopped me to tell me they enjoy this blog. People I’ve never met have found their ways here through friends of friends, and experienced connection. I can feel my community when I come here. It feels good.

I’m back, friends. Let’s both stay awhile. I’m so grateful that you’re here.

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