Sweet Violet

Last September, we welcomed the most joyful little being into our family. In celebration of her first trip around the sun, here is a recap of our first year with Violet.

September – October – November

Baby Violet arrived after an easy birth on the 23rd of September. Some highlights of the next few months included an overnight stay in a Forest Service cabin, Halloween, and Mama’s 35th birthday.

December – January – February

For once, we did not travel for the holidays. Instead, we cut down our own Christmas tree and decorated our house. We introduced Lydia to Home Alone and Home Alone 2. In January, our fierce dynamo turned 4 and we had a lovely cowboy-themed party. During one week in February, we got over 5 feet of snow. Other things that happened here: Lydia did 5 weeks of downhill ski lessons, we endured a government shut-down, and we took trips to Missoula and Great Falls.

March – April – May

In March we moved into a new house! Right across the street from our old house! This big beautiful house is perfect for our family and we have plenty of room for guests ❤ During this time, Rafal turned 34, Lydia finished up her first year of preschool, Violet went on her first camping trip, and Nico returned to work as as Interpretive Ranger.

June – July – August

Summers are busy for us with both parents working full-time. Lydia and Violet attended Little People’s Learning Center, our local daycare, and it was a wonderful experience for both girls. This period held lots of wonderful visitors: my mom (who Violet dubbed Ya-ya); Rafal’s boyhood friend Kris, with his sister and wife; and Dave, Sam, and baby Blue. Violet started sleeping through the night (praise!) and also started walking (yes, walking) at just 10 months old.

September 2019


September came around again so quickly, we hardly even realized a year had passed. We camped at Granite Hot Springs (near Jackson, WY) to celebrate the closing of the summer season. Lydia started preschool again. Violet just keeps growing, her walking now a run and her babbling taking the shape of words. The girls are becoming the best kind of friends.

Either she is a really easy baby or I have somehow become a much better mom. Or maybe in the busy-ness of family life she just fell right into the fold. I don’t know how to explain it. Violet just fits right in with us and has brought so much joy to our lives.

Happy belated birthday, sugarplum. We love you to the moon.


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