Giant City Sunday!

Yesterday I tackled one of my all-time favorite trails wearing Lydia: Trillium Trail in Giant City State Park. This felt like a huge victory, as it’s a rugged trail with an intense incline at one point, and I am dying to get back in shape.

Its pretty much impossible for me to find time to work out just yet (with Lydia’s sleep and feeding schedule still so sporadic), but Lydia and I have been trying to go on walks/hikes at least 3 times a week. Last weekend, we did Pomona Natural Bridge on Saturday, and both Bell Smith Springs and Jackson Falls on Sunday. On cold days, we also walk the track at the rec.

IMG_1463But Trillium was special. I hiked this trail constantly during my second trimester. I had some of my first conversations with Lydia on this trail. I felt some of my first baby movements there. I even wrote parts of my dissertation under a tree on this trail. It is one of my absolute favorites. And although it is not really that difficult, completing it made me feel more like me again.

And afterward, we had a picnic on Rafal’s and my special sunbathing spot on the rocks:

IMG_1502It was a great way to spend a Sunday.

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