Three Major Life Events in Five Weeks

#1 – January 31 – Birthed a Baby!

IMG_1417You’ve met her. She’s cute.

#2 – February 20 – Got Married!

weddingJackson County Courthouse

#3 – March 6 – Defended my Dissertation

IMG_1500Wearing baby Lydia!

What a whirlwind! When people congratulate me in the grocery store, I don’t even know which event they’re referring to! I don’t really know how all of this happened, or how to let it all soak in.

I started dating Rafal almost immediately upon starting graduate school for my masters (6.5 years ago), and I may never have found the confidence and fortitude to finish my dissertation if it wasn’t for little unborn Liddie, so this crazy confluence makes some sense.

The title of my name is now Dr.

If I ever get around to filing the paperwork, my last name(s) will be Wood Kos.

And within a few months, my first name may as well be Mommy. In other words, these events are so performative, so momentous, that they have literally changed who I am.

In still other words, this calls for a big ass party.

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